Physical Inactivity in Germany: Using the Olympics to Promote Sports Among the Public

DOSB-Fachtalk "Deine Fitness. Deine Gesundheit. Deine Spiele" mit den Talkgästen Jörg Förster, Stephan Geisler, Kerstin Holze, Felix Neureuther und Sarah Wellbrock.


Can hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Germany inspire the public to exercise more? How can daycare centers and schools be incentivized to focus more on physical activity in the future?

Those questions, among others, will be discussed with the guests of our panel at 7:00 PM on Thursday, 14 September liveon

The talk will feature five experts, all of whom will share their respective points of view on the subject of sports and health:

  • Jörg Förster – Managing Director, Hochschulsport Hamburg (Hamburg University Sports): “Exercise is, according to Prof. Dr. Wildor Hollmann, the only medicine that everyone can afford, that has a social dimension unlike any other, and that can make an important contribution to the educational process.” 

  • Prof. Dr. Stephan Geisler – Professor of Fitness & Health: “Unfortunately, the state of people’s health in Germany is not that good at the moment. I see muscle training as a panacea – especially when it comes to non-communicable lifestyle diseases.” 

    Kerstin Holze – Vice President, DOSB: “Sports need to become a matter of course, not only at daycare centers and schools, but in everyday life, in order to ensure that society remains physically and mentally fit and healthy in the long term.”

  • Felix Neureuther – most accomplished German skier, based on numbere of World Cup victories: “Exercise is the foundation of a healthy life.” 

  • Sarah Wellbrock – Olympic Bronze Medalist, Swimming: “Sports are part of our society as well as our lives, and that’s true for everyone – not just for elite athletes. The fact that we are healthier and happier when we exercise on a regular basis has been proven.