“Young People Have to Be Part of the Process”

Frankfurt, 28 September 2023 – The earliest point of time at which the Olympic and Paralympic Games could make their return to Germany is 13 years down the line, which explains why the final “YOUR IDEAS. YOUR GAMES.” talk had a future-oriented focus.

The experts discussed the future of the Games as well as the significance of the Olympics for younger generations. Each participant was adamant about the fact that hosting the Games in Germany would only work if the interests of young people were taken into account from the outset and if they had a say in the decision-making process. That would also involve looking more closely at the question of whether e-sports and traditional sports should be further interlinked; they could, after all, be mutually beneficial.

Das Bild zeigt Anke Feller, Jörg Adami, Jonas Bogler, Lucia Gosebrink, Alexa Pausch und Leon Ries.

The five experts, in their own words:

Jörg Adami – Founder, Esports Player Foundation

“We need to return to the original mindset: The Olympics are all about the people and the athletes.”

“The e-sports culture is one that is here to stay. Every successive generation ‘plays’. In my opinion, a discussion needs to be initiated in German sports to constructively debate the opportunities and risks.”

“The Olympic Games are not essential to e-sports – neither for commercial reasons nor from the players’ point of view. However, if our true goal is to represent young people in all areas during the Olympics, to host Games that appeal to young people, there is no way around e-sports.”

Jonas Bogler – Winner of the 2022 Volunteer Support Award, Board Member of RCW Koblenz-Arzheim

“Our sport, mountain biking, is still relatively young in the history of the Olympic Games. I can definitely say that the Games have given us a tremendous boost.”

“If the Olympic Games were held in Germany, that would be great for us as an association. Not only would it give young people a unique opportunity to see their role models live, but it would also allow them to exchange ideas and network with other young people.”

Lucia Gosebrink – Master’s Graduate, Sports Ethics and Integrity (MAiSI)

“Athletes are at the heart of all sports, and that fact needs to return to being the focal point of the Olympics.”

“Knowing and/or understanding how and why the IOC makes its decisions – also in terms of sport selection – would also be of interest to my generation.”

Alexa Peusch – National Player, Roundnet Germany

“The Olympics would be the ultimate experience for many of us. However, there are some of us who are worried that such an event might cause damage to our close-knit, family-like community.”

“The German Roundnet Association is highly involved in every aspect of the game. When it comes to the structure of the leagues, we are pioneers. However, widespread structural differences still exist around the world, which makes the road to being recognized as an Olympic sport a correspondingly long one.”

Leon Ries – Managing Director, German Youth Sports Association, Board Member, DOSB

“If there is an important decision to be made, young people must have a seat at the table. They have to be part of the process. The German Youth Sports Association is responsible for making sure that happens.”

“The Olympics Games unite young people. That also applies to e-sports. That’s precisely why we need to have a discussion on the matter. However, we should not lose sight of traditional sports.”

“When it comes to the Games of the future, there is one thing that is particularly important to me: They must be open to the participation of young people.”

The recorded talk can be found here.