“The Olympic Games Bolster Volunteerism”

Frankfurt, 01 September 2023 – The fourth expert talk of the “YOUR IDEAS. YOUR GAMES.” dialog initiative was dedicated to recreational sports throughout Germany.

The talk underscored the fact that involvement in sports is not only a responsibility, but a great opportunity as well. With regard to the prospective German Olympic bid, the experts stressed that the Games would generate a major boost in volunteerism and recreational sports across Germany. The guests highlighted the many challenges faced by the recreational sports sector in recent years, including the refugee crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the energy crisis. External stimuli are urgently needed to overcome those challenges and to make organized sports and involvement more attractive again. Christoph Krähnert, Managing Director, Berliner TSC e.V., pointed out that a prospective Olympic bid could be a source of such impetus. Reinhard Rawe, Chairman of the Board, Lower Saxony State Sports Federation, echoed that sentiment. The Olympic Games are, after all, the last unifying event for our society. The panel also turned its attention to volunteerism in sports.

Das Bild zeigt Christoph Krähnert und Michaela Röhrbein.
Die Gäste des vierten Olympia-Talks.

The guests had plenty to say on the subject:

Christopher Krähnert – Managing Director, Berliner TSC e.V.

“We have experienced crises of various natures in recreational sports over the past few years. The conditions couldn’t be any worse at the moment. That’s all the more reason why the Olympics are needed in Germany.”

“From a recreational sports perspective, we shouldn’t apply. We have to apply. The application process alone has already generated considerable momentum for us. If we won the bid, funds that would flow into sports infrastructure – funds that would not exist without the Games – would be made available. That added value cannot be measured in monetary terms.”

Katarina Peranić – Founding Board Member of the German Foundation for Commitment and Volunteerism

“The Olympic Games Bolster Volunteerism. Volunteers are needed for the Games, which could serve as an entry point into the world of volunteerism for many people.”

“We need to create better conditions for the people who, as volunteers, breathe life into our sports facilities at weekends. In my opinion, shared leadership and shorter terms would go a long way towards making volunteerism more attractive again.”

Reinhard Rawe – Chairman of the Board, Lower Saxony State Sports Federation

“I have fond memories of the 1972 Games. The fitness movement and the fitness trails within the local communities inspired members of society to exercise more. I sincerely hope that the current debate about whether the Olympic Games should be held in Germany will not just be about competitive sports, but about the entire spectrum of sports.”

“Sports are the last unifying events in our society. An Olympic bid would allow us to shine a spotlight on sports. If we all work together to that end, I have no doubt that we will ultimately be able to get everyone behind this bid.”

“When it comes to recreational sports, a lack of awareness is rarely the issue, but rather a lack of implementation. Putting ideas that have already been worked out into action is where the problem lies.”

Michaela Röhrbein – Director of Sports Development, DOSB

“Being a sporting nation is so much more than the number of times the national anthem is played during competitions. It’s about how actively involved we are in recreational sports. At the moment, our level of involvement is not as high as it should be.”

“The Olympic and Paralympic Games will also showcase the valuable work that is being done by the sports associations and the many volunteers.

The entire “YOUR ASSOCIATION. YOUR VOLUNTEERISM. YOUR GAMES” talk can be found at: https://deine-spiele.de/deine-ideen/fachtalks/


The series of expert talks will continue at 7:00 PM next Thursday, 31 August. Recreational sports will be the issue of the day. Guests will include:

  • Christopher Krähnert – Managing Director, Berliner TSC e.V.
  • Katarina Peranić – Founding Board Member of the German Foundation for Commitment and Volunteerism
  • Reinhard Rawe – Chairman of the Board, Lower Saxony State Sports Federation
  • Michaela Röhrbein – Director of Sports Development, DOSB
  • Boris Schmidt – Chairman of the Board, Freiburger Kreis

Additional information can be found on the initiative’s website and social media platforms: www.deine-spiele.de