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Ecological sustainability: YOUR PLANET. YOUR CLIMATE. YOUR GAMES.

What is the role of sport in relation to sustainable development? Can sport be a driver or is it running behind? What has to change for the Olympics to be climate-neutral in Germany?

We want to discuss this and more with 5 experts. Guests are:

  • Philip Erbers – Member of the Board Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V.
  • Thea-Helene Gieroska – spokesperson of the BAG Sportpolitik of BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN
  • Prof. Dr. Ralf Roth – German Sport University Cologne
  • Marion Schöne – Managing Director Olympiapark München GmbH
  • Stefan Wagner – 1st Chairman of Sports For Future

These were the strongest statements of the experts:

Philip Erbers: “We need a goal for society as a whole that we work towards in terms of sustainability. It is not enough to say we are making the most sustainable Games ever. We need to show concretely what we want to do differently.”
Thea-Helene Gieroska: “I definitely say yes to the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Germany. We have all the prerequisites in Germany and we can’t always point at others and say you’re doing it badly, we have to do it better.”
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ralf Roth: “Actually, we need an 18th SDG, which means: courage and confidence.”
Marion Schöne: “It is crucial to be courageous and to develop and implement concepts together – similar to what was done for the sustainable Olympic Games in 1972.”
Stefan Wagner: “Olympic and Paralympic Games could be a real pioneer for a transformation that we urgently need as a society.”

Competitive sports: YOUR WAY. YOUR DREAMS. YOUR GAMES.

Why and how does competitive sport benefit from “home games”? What about the training opportunities for athletes? How are the young talents in German elite sport doing?

We want to discuss this and more with 5 experts. They are:

  • Josef Buchner – Sporting Director Ski Jumping, Nordic Combined
  • Emma Malewski – gymnast on the Road to Paris
  • Marion Peters – national coach para athletics
  • Ronald Rauhe – Two-time Olympic Champion in Canoe Racing
  • Miriam Welte – DOSB Vice President, Olympic champion in track cycling

These were the strongest statements of the experts:

Josef Buchner: “Idols and role models can be created very well through the Olympic Games in Germany. But the prerequisite must be: Sport must be tangible and there for everyone. Sport must not put up a wall.”
Emma Malewski: “When things don’t go well in training, I think about my goal of participating in the Olympic Games as an athlete one day. That keeps me going.”
Marion Peters: “It’s high time that the Olympic and Paralympic Games in our own country give us the tailwind we need in competitive sport.”
Ronald Rauhe: “Olympic Games have the power to move and shape whole generations.”
Miriam Welte: “Dreams came true for me in London and Rio. It would be invaluable if German athletes had the opportunity to experience the Games in their own country.

IOC & International Sport Policy: YOUR CRITICS. YOUR IDEAS. YOUR GAMES.

What are the criticisms of the IOC? What reforms has the IOC implemented? What should and what can international sport or a major international sporting event achieve and what not?

We want to discuss this and more with:

Felix Loch – Olympic luge champion

Thomas Konietzko – President of the International Canoe Federation

Juliane Seifert – State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of the Interior and for Home Affairs

Thomas Weikert – DOSB President

Prof. Dr. Dr. Patricia Wiater – Friedrich Alexander University Chair of Human Rights

A representative of Athletes Germany e.V.



Where does grassroots sport stand in Germany after the Corona pandemic? How do clubs deal with the energy crisis and cost increases? How can young people be won over for voluntary work? How can safe sport be implemented across the board?

We want to discuss this and more with:

Christopher Krähnert – Managing Director Berliner TSC e.V.
Katarina Peranić – Founding Director of the German Foundation for Commitment and Volunteering
Reinhard Rawe – Chairman of the Board of LSB Lower Saxony
Michaela Röhrbein – Head of Sports Development DOSB
Boris Schmidt – Chairman of the Board Freiburger Kreis

Economic Sustainability (Economy): YOUR JOB. YOUR INVESTMENT. YOUR GAMES.

Which industries benefit most from the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and how is this reflected in economic development? Where are the opportunities for the German economy?

We want to discuss this and more with these experts. Guests are:

Markus Luthe – Managing Director of the German Hotel Association
Thomas Pennartz – Managing Director of the Rhineland Savings Banks and Giro Association
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Holger Preuß – Sports Economist Johannes-Gutenberg-University Mainz
Claudia Wagner – Managing Director Deutsche Sport Marketing GmbH

Social sustainability: YOUR IDEALS. YOUR VALUES. YOUR GAMES.

How must the Olympic and Paralympic Games be designed to involve everyone – in the run-up to, during and after the Games? Is it the task of sport to “take responsibility” for social problems and solve them? Where does sport reach its limits?

We want to discuss this and more with 5 experts. Among them are:

  • Verena Bentele – DOSB Vice President & Paralympics Winner
  • Friedhelm Julius Beucher – President of the German Disabled Sports Association and National Paralympic Committee
  • Thomas Hitzlsperger – former national soccer player, ambassador of the initiative “Soccer for Diversity, Soccer against Homophobia
  • Christina Marx – Head of Education & Communication of Aktion Mensch


Only a small percentage of Germans get enough exercise every day. Can the Olympic and Paralympic Games encourage the population to exercise more? What incentives do daycare centers and schools need to address the issue of exercise more strongly in the future?

We want to discuss these and other questions with these guests:

Jörg Förster – Managing Director for University Sports in Berlin and Hamburg.
Prof. Dr. Stefan Geisler – sports scientist at the IST University in Düsseldorf
Kerstin Holze – DOSB vice president and specialist for pediatric and adolescent medicine
Felix Neureuther – former ski racer and founder of the “Felix Neureuther Foundation
Sarah Wellbrock – former swimmer and graduate lawyer

Tuesday 19.09.23 - 1936 / 2036: OUR HISTORY. OUR FUTURE. OUR GAMES.

Where do we stand in coming to terms with the 1936 and 1972 Olympic Games? What does our past mean for the future? Are the 2036 Olympic Games an opportunity or a risk?

We want to discuss these and other questions with our guests:

Torsten Burmester – Chairman of the Board of the German Olympic Sports Confederation
Hannah Lühmann – Deputy Head of the feature section of the WELT newspaper
Rikola-Gunnar Lüttgenau – Head of Strategic Communication and Public Relations of the Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora Memorials Foundation
Alon Meyer – President of Makkabi Deutschland e. V.
Christopher Young – Historian and Member of the Commission for the Reappraisal of the 1972 Games

Tuesday 26.09.23 - Future: YOUR STORY. YOUR FUTURE. YOUR GAMES.

What might the games of the future look like? How can synergies be created between traditional sports and trend sports?

We want to discuss these and other questions with our guests:

Jörg Adami – Founder Esports Player Foundation
Jonas Bogler – Winner of the Ehrenamtsförderpreis 2022, Board Member RCW Koblenz-Arzheim
Lucia Gosebrink – ENGSO Youth 2023-25 Young Delegate Sports Diplomacy
Matthias Horx – Trend and futurologist
Alexa Peusch – National player Roundnet Germany
Leon Ries – Managing Director German Sports Youth, Board Member DOSB


Anke Feller is a sports journalist and presenter. The former track and field athlete competed for 15 years, becoming world champion in 1997 and European champion in 1998 with the German 4 x 400m relay team.

At the same time, she studied at the German Sports University in Cologne and subsequently worked for a local radio station for 10 years.

She ended her sports career after the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. She presented the sports programmes Flutlicht and Sport am Montag for SWR. In 2011, she moved to WDR, where she still works on the cross-media sports campus in radio, TV and online.

Born in Göttingen, she has been volunteering for the NRW Sports Foundation for 12 years, from 2011 to 2015 as Chairwoman of the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

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