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Together with you, we discussed whether the Olympic Games should take place in your city. These were our dialog forums.

Your Topics.
Your Answers.

There are 84 million pros and cons to a prospective German Olympic bid. We want to discuss them with you.


Why and how does sport benefit from an Olympic bid?


Is it possible to hold the Olympic and Paralympic Games sustainably?


How much will it cost to stage the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Germany? Will the investment pay off in the end?


What role do the Olympic and Paralympic Games play in society?

The Future

What will the legacy of the Olympic and Paralympic Games be?

Your Opinion.
Your Vote.

Your opinion is important to us. Cast your vote now!

Your Topic. Your Talk.

We got into conversation with you - in our Talks

Check out our other talks on topics such as sports policy, business, social sustainability and many more.

All events have been recorded and are now available for viewing.


5 rings, 5 questions: An interview with Sven Albrecht from Special Olympics Germany.

5 rings – 5 questions: Interview with wheelchair basketball player Mareike Miller.

YOUR IDEAS. YOUR GAMES. was part of the Olympic Seminar of the German Olympic Academy.