At the one-day dialogue forums, we gave all citizens a voice early on in the process regarding a possible bid for the Olympic or Paralympic Games. What added value do you want for your city? That was the central question.

To this end, we took our dialog forums to the five cities that have accepted the DOSB’s invitation to participate in the process and have expressed a general interest in possible Games. These are the cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Leipzig and the city of Dusseldorf, representing the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.


Together with you, we discussed whether the Olympic or Paralympic Games should take place in your city. These were our dialogue forums.


The first dialogue forum took place in the Old Stock Exchange in Leipzig. You shared your ideas and criticism with us.


At the Chamber of Commerce in Hamburg, we discussed with you what is important for a possible application.


The Olympics in Munich? We discussed this with you in the Small Olympic Hall.


Our dialogue initiative also made a stop in the capital. You contributed your ideas at the Futurium.


What does the Rhine-Ruhr region think about the Olympic Games? You shared your thoughts with us in the Merkur Spiel-Arena.