Dialogforum Olympiabewerbung des DOSB in der kleinen Olympiahalle, So. 05.11.


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The most important statements: 


Joachim Herrmann, Minister of State for the Interior, Sports and Integration:

“We have to make an offer as to what the Olympics could look like according to our ideas. We need a bid that suits us.”


Dieter Reiter, Mayor of the City of Munich:

“Munich’s renewed bid can only succeed if we develop a bid that is coordinated with the population.”


Verena Bentele, DOSB Vice President and Paralympics winner:

“I love Munich, I love the Olympic Park and I am convinced that we could continue to make good use of it in a possible bid.”


Marion Schöne, Managing Director of the Olympic Park Munich:

“We had whole families here today working together on the idea of the Olympics in Germany. I believe that the Games could be just as transformative as they were in 1972. Conceived across parties and generations, with a view to the added value for Germany as a whole.”


Jörg Ammon, President of the Bavarian Sports Association:

“The fact that different generations have spoken to us here today about the Olympics has impressed me. Let’s be successful together and move our country forward in terms of sports policy.”


Steffen Hamann, former professional basketball player, FC Bayern:

“For me, the Olympics in Munich would be very special. I train the guys who might be there themselves in 13 years’ time. That would be a new motivation in training.”


Kilian Kappelmeier, judoka, German U18 champion 2020:

“The Olympic Games are the highlight for every athlete. We’ve actually been working towards it our whole career.”


Markus Harm, sports journalist, ZDF:

“The European Championships have been a success above all because the sport was able to show itself here in an approachable and authentic way. That’s not possible at the Olympic Games.”


Katrin Müller-Hohenstein, Presenter



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